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Waiting Room & Reception Area

Our Waiting Room and Reception Area are the first stop on our office tour. In most cases you won't spend much time here! Computerization allows us to track each and every one of your visits, and if you need it, we are capable of giving you a year-end print-out of all your dental expenses (for tax purposes). Our system also allows for on the spot printing of all dental insurance claim forms. Electronic Claims Submission (ECS) eliminates all the paperwork and hassle, so there's no need to get forms from your personnel department. We've got it covered!


The Bi-Operatory Suite

All of our treatment rooms are set up to be multi-functional. They all contain x-ray machines and intraoral cameras. Additionally, for your comfort, our rooms are set up with wireless headphones for listening to music or watching a DVD movie while treatment is rendered. We know that for some, visits to the dentist can be a stressful occasion, so we do our best to provide a comfortable, calming, and professional environment for all our patients.


Laboratory / Darkroom / Sterilization Area
In order to provide our patients with the cleanest and most sterile environment, our lab is divided into "clean" and "dirty" sections, and the two areas never overlap. Non-disposable stainless steel instruments are brought to the "dirty" side, where they are scrubbed, and placed in an ultrasonic cleaner. From there, the instruments are bagged, and placed in an autoclave for steam and pressure sterilization. Once clean, the instruments are heat-dried, and moved to the "clean" side of the lab, where they sealed and ready for use. Plastic instruments cannot be cleaned, and are discarded immediately after use. It is important to note that all needles are disposed of after one use in special "sharps" containers, which are picked up by a carting service dedicated to medical waste disposal. In order to insure that our sterilization procedures are indeed working, we subscribe to an autoclave testing service. This service is provided by an independent, off-site biological laboratory that collects samples of test strips that we have sterilized and analyzes them for bacterial growth on a regular basis. We have all the reports provided by this service on file, and these reports can be furnished upon request.

The Intraoral Camera

Have you ever tried to read your dental x-ray along with your dentist? What does it look like... big blotches of white and gray, which apparently represent your teeth? Not very helpful to the non-dentist!

The Intraoral Camera is a tiny camera mounted on a small fiber-optic wand, which allows us to look at your teeth up-close, in color, and in real time! You say you want to see what's causing you pain? The Intraoral Camera allows us to show you the exact source of the problem, with no added discomfort or x-ray images.

Seeing the problem on one of our monitors is an excellent way to better understand the problem, take a look inside your mouth... and in the words of Dr. Lumachi, "It's pretty cool!"